Lint roller – why to use and how to make it

Lint RollerThe lint roller is a simple, but magical tool for domestic use! Known also as lint remover, the appliance is easy to be used and amazing in the harsh fight with the least dirtiness and bacteria at home. It quickly deals with all types of hairs – including pet hairs – and other small fibers, dust and remains.

Usually it consists of one-sided adhesive paper that attaches the tiny hairs and grime. Other models of lint roller are made of plastic barrels, which are jointed to a central spindle. All Lint rollers are equally effective – it doesn’t matter if they are commercial and taken from a store, or made at home as a DIY project.

Learn now why to use and how to make a lint roller in your own home:

  • It is the cheapest alternative to agree with having a pet and sterilised living environment at home! Some people go even further with and apply the riskless tool on their furry kitties or dogs!

  • Lint roller helps you to make domestic upholstery live longer and to prevent carpets from getting too much dirtiness – especially in high traffic areas.

  • A lint roller helps you to look more fantastic and stylish! Any winter coat, woolen dress, jeans or other clothing type can be easily wiped with the tool! The effect is elegance, brilliance and perfection!

  • Lint roller is affordable and re-usable. Once you buy or make your own lint remover, you can have it forever without a need to replace with a new one. Most models come with refill rolls and the new part is budget-friendly and costs less than a penny!

  • You can always apply it for some quick sanitising, when you feel lazy. No vacuuming and no Hoovering – just grab the lint roller and get rid of the small hairs and lint from the surfaces at home!

  • You can make your own lint roller extremely easily and cheaply. Just get a stick, joint some panel plastic or use an old brusher. Cover it with an adhesive tape and start wiping around!

  • Lint roller helps you to preserve a healthy environment at home, too! It reduces the allergens, which trigger infections, diseases and rashes.

  • You can use the lint roller in the end of rental cleaning, if your landlord usually comes with a magnifying glass to the inventory check!

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