Laundry tips for domestic cleaning at home

Doing the laundryThere are plenty of cleaning activities we recommend you to include in your daily cleaning schedule. Cleaning tasks such as sanitising the furniture, cleaning the upholstery, floor disinfection and changing the bed linens are both – important and regular, when it comes to home hygiene preservation.

However, some cleaning tasks from the domestic cleaning are even more – they are obligatory and compulsory. Doing the laundry, for instance, is something we cannot skip in our daily routine.
No matter how bad you are in housekeeping or how lazy you feel about home sanitising constantly and regularly, laundry can’t be actually skipped or forgotten! It cannot be even postponed. Maybe, this is because doing the laundry is connected with personal hygiene in the most direct way than any other cleaning task! Here are some exclusive laundry tips for domestic cleaning at home:

  • Choose a particular day for laundry – having it defined as a deadline, you will always have the motivation to exercise it. Weekends are fine for doing the entire laundry. Though, if you divide the cleaning job into parts, it will be easier for you to cope with it without being exhausted.

  • Use eco-friendly techniques, especially if you have small kids or a family member, who suffers from allergic reactions.

  • Save some energy at home, and use cold water for the laundry. Accept this challenge, and distribute the clothes into parts and sections. Some of them need only refreshment, so they don’t require hot water or some toxic cleansers!

  • Sort the laundry carefully and practically! The most common tip here is to sort it by colour. Such an approach will prevent color mixtures and damages of your clothes. Do it in advance, but not when the laundry time has come. Buy several baskets and label them with “white”, “blue and green”, “bright colours”, “dark and black”, for instance!

  • You may try to dry the laundry, because you really need a particular dress for the evening and you have been loitered with the domestic cleaning recently. In this case you should leave more spaciousness between the pieces of the laundry, when you dry it. You can also use the hair fan drier!

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