Ideas for total change of a room

Change the way your room looks

If you’re really bored from your home interior, it’s time for a complete makeover of at least one room. This will quickly eliminate the boredom and tension you experience every time you look at the familiar walls and interior. There is no need to spend a lot of money to transform your space with style. Here are some hacks:

  • Walls painted in playful colors. Isn’t it about time to change earth shades or white walls into something more stimulating? Repaint them in orange, shocking pink or lemon or green. Give the walls a vivid look by using techniques such as applying paint patterns, templates or whatever else you wish.

  • Attach bizarre things in the attic. You can use bizarre discoveries from flea markets and souvenir shops. Attach them so that they eccentrically hang from the ceiling. Suspended objects can be ship anchor, artistically painted covers of old-fashioned bins, and a whole uniform for fencing. All these original advices won’t have an effect without an overall last minute cleaning London.

  • Different flooring tiles used as decoration. One way to add an eccentric element of home is by purchasing a selection of different shapes and decorative floor tiles. Put them at random basis or design them so as to create the style “well organized chaos”. This makeover will allow you to bring home this really expensive design, that you’ve always wanted. Don’t forget about deep carpet cleaning Battersea, because no matter how elegant and extravagant your floor is, hygiene of rugs is very important.

  • Walls half painted in black. You have not seen many residential rooms, designed in black, right? Your plan for decoration can also include walls, painted half in black. The lower part can be colored in glossy white, lined with wood or covered entirely from your furniture. For a more striking effect, paint in black only two of the walls that form an angle. The other two, paint in a contrasting color, such as yellow or very light red. You’ll have to paint the ceiling white to avoid the feeling that you live in a cave. Finish the full change as you only decorate one wall with large, impressive work of art.

Don’t hesitate to make a total change in one of your rooms if you’re bored from your interior!

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