How to wake up the child in yourself?

Save the child in youDo you remember your carefree and funny childhood full of wonderful stories and adventures? It would be much better if we allow in our lives to experience some moments in which to remember how it felt when we were kids. Here is what the kid in us tells us:

  • Be honest! Children always say what they think, without considering the views of others. Even if they affect you, it is not intentional, because in their mind they are still too pure and unadulterated. Of course, for an adult it is inappropriate to have such behavior. But it is well to remember what it is to be sincere at first to yourself and then to others. For example, if you have black marks for the spring sanitising company, be honest and tell them to improve their performance next time.

  • Act like a good person! When we are small they teach us how to be good and humane, to distinguish good from bad, to strive for the first, and when wronged, do not forget to apologize. But when you grow up, often these values are confused. Driven by other motives, black-and-white world becomes too colored to distinguish nuances, and we fall into the trap of our own views. To get out, just remember the words of your parents: “Do not do to others what you do not want to happen to you,” and you will always know what is best.

  • Dream without limits! For the children it is not a problem to dream, but adults are burdened by the reality that forces them constantly. For adults it is quite hard to relax and let their imagination and often do not have time for this. If you stop for a moment, close your eyes and imagine how nice it would be if…Then may be the ring bell, pressed by the home cleaners will get you out of your dream.

Remember your childhood when you feel stressed and depressed! You will feel much better.

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