How to use the striped curtains as an accent in the interior

Striped curtains for your home

The curtains are a natural and easy way to bring change in your sweet home. We can easily add a fresh accent and new feeling in the room without having to make significant changes in furnishings. All you need to do is to select the appropriate set of drapes or curtains depending on your desire and taste. There is a great option that always gives irresistible results – striped curtains. How to use the striped curtains as an accent in the interior?

  • Horizontal stripes can create an optical illusion of a larger room. When choosing curtains with parallel lines, it is important to pick the right colors so as to play a role of emphasis without too much domination over the other interior elements. Choose colors in harmony with the function of the room. Neutral colors are more suitable for the bedroom. The combination of light and dark colors can be very elegant.

  • If you combine the color of the curtains with this of the wall, first decide whether you want your new curtains to stand over the wall, or vice versa – to merge with the interior. This is possible even with striped curtains – if you want to be more visible, choose thin features, and if you want to stand out – bet on thicker stripes.

  • Striped curtains are a great choice for the living room. Use them boldly, especially if the room has no other geometric decorative details, so stripes can stand in the interior. Vertical lines are a good option for smaller spaces such as the bathroom. Once you finish with choosing your curtains, you may start the carpet cleaning Bromley.

  • Too dark, solid colors visually reduce the volume of the room, so avoid them in smaller spaces. In this case, the stripes are priceless.

  • Wash curtains at least 4-5 times a year. They collect dust and can cause allergies and health problems. 4-5 times a year is not a big deal, you can entrust the task to your house cleaners Bromley too.

What about you? Do you like striped curtains or you find them too strange?

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