How to stop the mess in your personal wardrobe?

Mess in the wardrobeThe excuse that you are a woman does not justify your messy wardrobe! Maybe, the reason why you always claim that you do not have any clothes, is actually the chaos. It is also possible that finding the most suitable outfit for a particular occasion becomes a huge difficulty for you.

The messy wardrobe is guilty again. Well, the real guilty one is actually you. Though, how to stop the mess in the wardrobe? Find out right away:

  • Realise that you cannot accommodate all of your clothes in the wardrobe at once. No matter how much you struggle to push them all inside the cabinets and on the hangs, you will not succeed anyway. The only result you may end up is a bunch of crushed shirts and torn dresses.

  • It is recommended to separate the clothes into categories according to the season. Use the old closet to store the rest of the clothes and feel free to distribute the clothes of present season in the wardrobe.

  • Consider which pieces may be folded and use the hangs for the rest of them. There is no need to hook T-shirts and jeans, right?

  • Shoe boxes are no longer convenient for the shoes. Once you buy them, use the boxes for laundry, socks, scarves, gloves and other similar accessories!

  • As to the shoes, storing them in the wardrobe is ok only if it is large enough! Otherwise, find another way to have your shoes at hand.

  • In regular domestic cleaning, tidying up the wardrobe does not mean only to hang the clean and dried items. Take everything out and order once again. Repeat this strategy till you find the most optimal and proper arrangement.

  • If you use mismatched hangers, the chaotic wardrobe will look even messier!

  • Divide the sections in the wardrobe according to the occasions – office outfit zone, hot clothes area and a place for your domestic clothing.

  • Get rid of the old clothes – you are not sure or doubt about wearing again! Ok, maybe one day you will remember that red dress in black spots from the last century. Though, there is no need to keep it in your regular wardrobe!

  • Once the post rental cleanup comes, get out all of the clothes at first and then start the thorough procedure. Your items may be always disordered, but there is no need to damage them, while you are covered with dust and holding chemical detergents against stains!

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