How to make your kids involved in home cleaning

Involve kids in cleaningRaising kids and making them responsible adults is a top priority for every parent. This is a challenging and yet rewarding mission and you should find the balance between being too strict and too permissive. Many parents believe that making their kids help with the house chores is an important component of their development and to a great extent, they are right. Here are some tips that might be helpful if you want your kids to help you clean the house.

  • Firstly, you should take into account the age of your kids. Don’t give them cleaning tasks they cannot deal with. Every house is a mess after a thorough renovation but if you have 5-6- year old children, the after builders cleaning London is not appropriate for them.

  • Don’t give your kids orders and appreciate their efforts. Instead of shouting when you see their messy room, ask them for a favour. Explain that the London carpet cleaning technicians are coming soon and you need the carpet cleared out from all toys.

  • Teach your kids that picking up after themselves is important for keeping the house neat. Ask them to clean the table from the crumps, throw the garbage or take the dog for a walk.

  • Ask them to fold their clothes and place them into the drawer. This way, you will save some time and meanwhile, you will teach your kids how to organize their clothes. Strange as it may seem, there are adults whose parents have missed to tell them how to fold their clothes. You can easily recognize such people if you see piles of clothes on the chairs in their living room.

  • Don’t be too harsh on your kids. Even if they find it hard to do the cleaning task you have them, don’t get mad and show them how to do it. If they manage to do what you have asked them for, you can give them a small reward. Going to a movie or the near park will make them really happy.

Remember that when you were your kids’ age you preferred playing to cleaning, so don’t make them think about cleaning as a burden. Turn it into a game.

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