How to make old clothes funny and original

Make something beautiful from old clothes and

If you look at your wardrobe you will see, that there are clothes that are nice, but already worn. You do not wear them, but you feel pity to throw them away. You can organize a woman’s wardrobe party and each of your girlfriends to bring some clothes to refresh and remodel them. Here are further details:

  • Long skirt will easily become short and your long-sleeved shirt – in a cute sleeveless top. Just use the scissors and your imagination.

  • You can repaint the old garments – there are various dry cleaning shops which offer this service. With the application of new fabric you can radically change the old garment.

  • Old jeans will become a new and modern, if you carefully scrape them in several places with a fine grater. The cut jeans are also modern. Make a few cuts with scissors on the jeans, fold them away to achieve even cutting. Then it remains only to do fuzzy edges of each section using a large needle with which you have to remove the threads. An additional effect is obtained if the jeans are turned at high speed in the washing machine.

  • On an old T-shirt, you can attach a special sticker that sticks with an iron. However, this is applicable only to cotton clothing. If the shirt is cotton you may print images by using a special technique. Do that, while your end of lease cleaners Battersea finish their job in your tenement.

  • With the help of dyes for textiles clothes can be personalized. You can paint abstract or floral motifs on your blouse. Decorate it with beads and get a brand new blouse.

  • With colored glass that resemble gems you may decorate old clothes so as to gain a contemporary look. This method of refreshment is only suitable for blouses and dresses, jeans are not always suitable for this purpose.

  • Additions of lace are also very beautiful and can donate old clothes a new life. Old dress will become new if you change the shape of the neckline and decorate it with beads, bits of glass or paintings.

  • If you don’t want to deal with these methods, just use the old shirts for cloths. You will need them during the domestic cleaning Chiswick.

Are you ready to refresh your old clothes with these tricks?

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