How to discourage burglars

How to discourage burglarsBurglars always seek a home, which is an easy target. This threat is real. We give you some tips you can follow in order to prevent your place from burglaries.

Check them out:

  • Perform your routine tasks, do your domestic cleaning outside your property. It shows that you are occupying your home;

  • Install some timed lights or just leave a television or radio playing, while you are away – if you are travelling or just if you are not going to be at home for a long time. This way you create an illusion there are people in the house;

  • Lock all your doors, garages, windows and sheds, when you go out of your home. It’s recommended to make it difficult for burglars to go inside without attraction the attention of others. Test your locks – see if you can open your doors and windows from the outside. You may install some sturdy deadbolt locks on your doors;

  • Keep in mind, that your doors and windows must be visible for the neighbourhood and for people, walking on the street. It’s wise to cut away tree branches that can help burglars to hide when they are breaking your home;

  • Don’t store your valuable stuff close to the window or the door, so they can be easily seen from someone outside. For bigger safety, use private curtains;

  • Destroy or hide your outside trash that may advertise your personal belongings to the neighborhood. For example, you may want to destroy boxes with expensive electronic devices you have just purchased – like television or stereo system;

  • Don’t ever place your spare keys outside. Give them only to very trusted friends, guests, neighbours. Surely, burglars know the most common places for hiding spare keys very well;

  • If you have a closed garage, park your vehicles there. That way you make it more difficult to thieves to understand whether there is someone at home or not;

  • Home burglars

    Install a home alarm system against burglars – it will alarm authorities if there is something wrong. This remains one of the best ways to keep your home secure and safe. There may be some discounts – you should consult your insurance provider, once you decide to install such a system;

  • Install special lights, which detect motion, so you can deter thieves. You could also turn on the exterior lights, when it becomes dark outside;

  • Make your outside landscape difficult for burglars to move into your property without being seen and heard. You can place rocks, stones, loose gravel. When someone steps on those, it will make some noise. Another option is to have plants or shrubbery, under your windows for example. Actually, some rose bushes with many thorns are perfect for the purpose.

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