How to deal with your tyrannical boss?

Tyrannical bossDo you have the misfortune to work with tyrannical boss? He ruthlessly humiliates you, anywhere, with or without occasion. He keeps his subordinates in fear and intimidates just by looking. You are wondering what to do? It is time for decisive action, so follow our tips:

  • Show confidence. Even if you do not feel confident and your voice is trembling – breathe deeply, straighten your back, lift your head. Now you feel more relaxed. Look him straight in the eyes. To such a person you have to talk like that. Thus, you are showing that you are not in subordinate mental position. No matter if you work in an end of lease cleaning company or in an office, be confident when you speak with your boss.

  • Speak the language of the body. It may be much more convincing than words. It affects on another level. If you want to demonstrate strength, sit with folded knees, shoulders straight and look straight ahead. Master your voice. And do not make sudden movements. It’s not recommended sitting sideways, hands in pockets, crossing arms, legs, passing a hand through your hair, making rattling sound with pen.

  • Contradict him about something important only if you are 100% certain. Not for the weather forecast or the schedule of public transport. Protect colleague or offer something directly. This shows that you are not mute point in the company. If you do so, this little boss (if he has a little bit common sense) will take this into account and will look at you with more respect.

  • Tell a joke. Humour always takes nervousness as long as it is in place. It downplays tension and actually add positive points to your image. One who knows how to make people laugh is popular colleague. What about your domestic cleaners? Are they funny or serious?

Tyrannical boss is everywhere, no matter the professional field. Think about the pros and cons and decide if this job is really worth it.

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