How to cope with the post holiday mess?

How to cope with the post holiday messWinter holidays are over, but traces of the celebration are everywhere in your sweet home. A pyramid of dishes is waiting for you in the kitchen. Lots of stains cover the carpet, the surfaces and kitchen appliances. Despite all these spots and remains, everyone had way too much fun, right? Don’t worry for the bad hygienic condition of your dwelling, but read the tips here below:

  • Goodbye Christmas decoration. It’s time to choose a strategy to remove all the lights, mistletoe, garlands, wreaths and other little ornaments. Perhaps you have saved all their boxes. If not, purchase some containers to put all the holiday decorations in. You can put a label on each box and store the adornments for the next year.

  • Mission kitchen started. If you haven’t still run the dishwasher, do it right now. Put the house back in order and begin from the kitchen. If it’s necessary, fill sticky pans with some hot water and dish soap. Then, let them soak for 20 minutes in order to make their cleaning easier. After that you can go through all of the rooms and wipe the tables and the other surfaces. If you are too exhausted from all the revelries and this one off cleaning is the last thing you intend to undertake, you can always rely on professional assistance.

  • Clean the fridge. Food leftovers can’t be kept for a very long time. If you haven’t used all those remains, it’s high time to get rid of them. Use this operation to wipe the shelves too.

  • Accidents happen during any party and spills are inevitable. Keep in mind, that most stains (caused by alcoholic beverages, berries, gravy) are water soluble. So, you can remove them by blotting up the spot, working from the outside of the stain inward. Prepare an efficient solution which contains approximately a teaspoon of non-bleach cleanser or white vinegar mixed with a quart (32 ounces) of lukewarm water. It’s advisable to use only a small amount of the solution at a time, rinsing and drying as you go. Remember to make sure food dyes or other coloring doesn’t spread to clean areas of your rug. If you don’t want to deal alone with repulsive stains, arrange a steam carpet cleaning procedure.

Do you have your own secret of managing with the post holiday mess? Share it with us.

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