How to choose dining chairs?

Dining chairsIf you believe that chairs are not an important detail in your dining room, we will disprove you now. There are plenty of things that you must consider when choosing those chairs. Prepare a list with criteria and keep in mind the words: comfortable and ergonomic. Here is what we mean behind them:

  • The dining chairs must be designed in accordance with the natural body position;

  • It is important for the chairs to be sufficiently stable;

  • Armrests (if any) must be comfortable – not too low or too high;

  • The height of the chairs has to match the height of the table and the people who will use them (think about separate chairs for the kids, for example).

And once you have selected a few models that meet your criteria, you are ready to make a choice from an aesthetic point of view. Become the designer of your own home! We have prepared some suggestions for you – take a look:

  • Velvet chairs– these chairs are synonymous of comfort. In case you spend a lot of time having your lunch or dinner, they are perfect for you. You want to place a carpet in the same colour? It would be a good decision. The rug, however, must be durable to the weight of the table and the chairs, as well as resistant to dirt. Stains will happen but remember: dry carpet cleaning is the best method to get rid of them;

  • Elegant décor – if you are a traditionalist, that solution is the greatest for you. Use chairs with rich fabrics, trim and elegant details;

  • Wicker chairs – whether the chairs are made of rattan or something else, they are a wonderful solution for your dining room. They fit perfectly in the contemporary decorated homes and lend a relaxed and casual atmosphere of the room. And let’s think practically: if you live in a house rental and one day you decide to move, these chairs will not create any difficulties for the end of tenancy cleaners;

  • Leather chairs – regardless of any fashion trends in the interior design, we claim: that choice is always up to date. Certainly, leather chairs are quite beautiful and create a luxury feel.

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