How to care for the houseplants in winter conditions

Cares for houseplants in winter

Cares for indoor plants during the winter months are different compared to other seasons in the year, because the sun’s not shining so actively. In spring and summer, plants grow more visibly, while in the winter because of the rare meetings with sun, houseplants slow down their growth and development. During the winter months, you should water the plants less. Also you should not have to fertilize them often or to plant them out. Here are more tips:

  • There is no universal advice for watering houseplants in winter and summer. The amount of water depends upon the particular plant. When you notice that the soil in the pot dries up, then you should water. Even in high season it is better to water the plants more rarely, so that they don’t swim in water. The fact is that they die more often from excessive watering than from its absence.

  • Some plants such as cyclamen prefer to pour their water in the saucer of the pot and to be left for 10-15 minutes. After that, liquid which is not absorbed should be removed. Tell that to your house cleaners Ealing, they need to know it in order to provide you proper cares for your houseplants.

  • Since the house plants are not in their active period in the winter, they do not need more fertilisation than usual. Additional fertilization is required when plants grow or bloom. In winter, it is necessary to enrich the soil once per every 8 or 10 weeks.

  • As in winter sunlight is weaker, you must move the house plants in places where the sun shines most. By the way, being so focused on your houseplants may make you forget about arranging your post tenancy cleaning service Ealing.

  • Because of heaters used during the cold period, the humidity drops sharply, which affects negatively the house plants in the room. To keep humidity you can buy a special device called a moisturizer that does not allow indoor air to become dry. If you prefer to save spending money on such devices, you can just put containers of water around the plants.

Dry air creates the major problems in tropical plants, because they like high humidity. Remember also that most houseplants are thermophilic and you should keep them in rooms that are heated in the winter.

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