How to avoid unhealthy foods when dining out

Dining out - can it be healthy?

For many of us, home made food is a luxury. With our busy lifestyle, there is not enough time to cook your own healthy meal and that’s why we often eat out. Some people dine out once a week, while others visit a restaurant every day. Most of the meals found in the menu of the restaurants contain unhealthy ingredients and chemicals that we should avoid. Here is a simple guide on how to keep away from these unhealthy foods.

  • For a start, get informed about the calories of each meal you want to order. If there isn’t any calorie information posted on the menu, ask the waiter. Compare the different foods and beverages choose a combination that does not exceed 1000 calories. Your daily calorie intake  should be around 1600-2000 depending on your gender, age, physical activity and other factors. However, make sure you don’t eat all your daily calories in one meal. Instead, you should separate the calories between 3-4 meals throughout the day. Do not grab a snack if you do not feel hungry in order to avoid unnecessary calorie intake. It’s like booking for carpet cleaning Wimbledon, you book only when the carpet is dirty.

  • Your dish should include vegetables and whole grains. A fish fillet with tomatoes salad or a clean grilled chicken with a green salad is great. Stay away from all deep-fried foods. You really don’t know how often they change the frying oil.

  • Skip the dessert. Now many of you won’t like the truth, but desserts are filled with artificial flavours and all kinds of other chemicals and not to mention that they are loaded with so much sugar. You can choose a fruit salad instead.

  • Drink water instead of sugary soft drink. Again, soft drinks are filled with sugar, aspartame. Just order a cup of water or a glass of good wine. Water is healthier and cheaper than any soft drink. Use the saved money for the next time you need end of tenancy cleaning Fulham.

Keep in mind that what’s delicious isn’t always healthy and try to make the right choice every day.

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