How to achieve amazing Zen decor – smart tips

How-to-achieve-amazing-Zen-decorZen doctrine lies at the foundation of Buddhist philosophy of self-knowledge. Zen seeks for balance in all its forms. It teaches enlightenment and unity of the person with the outside world. You may also create your Zen home interior of balanced life. Everything in nature is based on harmony. Therefore, consciously or subconsciously, each of us strives for this harmony. We strive to achieve good balance between work and home, between career and family, between commitments and rest and equilibrium in our environment. We want to be closer to nature and to create an inside piece that fits the overall harmonic scheme. For this purpose, Eastern philosophy and Zen doctrine are here to help us. Zen preaches self-knowledge through meditation, action and songs.

Actually, home decor is the perfect way to combine all these three components into one, following some simple principles in the interior. You know that furniture of the house is a way to define your personal style and to express it to the rest of the world. You have the freedom to show individuality and uniqueness as you combine different elements the way you like.

So, how to arrange your Zen interior for balanced life?! The three main aspects of Zen interior are: colors, materials and efficient placement of furniture. The colours affect your mood and your overall sense of well-being of the spirit. The fabrics create unity in the premises. Appropriate placement of furniture brings a sense of harmony. So, read the information below and achieve amazing Zen decor:

  • Colours in Zen interior of a balanced life. Let’s take a look on the natural palette first! The colours of nature are a direct reflection of your perception of the world around you. It enters your home through the colors of green, brown, blue. They remind herbs, that grow in woods; sea and sky elements. The modern palette comprises all shades of colours (pink, red, yellow, chocolate or raspberry sorbet). There are also neutral colors for all who love the simplicity. The secret of the impact of colour in the interior of the house lies in the combination of nuances. Do not be afraid to use plenty of colours in each room. Before that, however, keep in mind their features. Red, yellow and orange are warm colours. They provoke success, raise your mood and raise blood pressure. Blue, green and violet are cool colours. They bring calmness and composure and lower blood pressure. White, black, beige, brown and gray are neutral colours. They can be combined with each other, either alone or with any other colour. Red, yellow and blue are primary colours that have to be used individually, rather than by mixing with other colors. Orange, green and violet are secondary colours, arising from mixing two primary colors. You can combine all the colours of a group; a major with a secondary colour and two basic colours with a secondary and vice versa.

  • Fabrics in Zen interior – different fabrics may be combined together and are close to wood, metal, ceramic or glass. Exactly this apparent incompatibility creates balance. As a perfectly arranged Zen garden contains 5 elements of nature – water, earth, fire, wood and metal, a perfectly tidy room contains some of all the above elements – natural fibers, metals, glass, ceramics, wood and light. You can combine: soft and rough fabrics (velvet and raw silk); smooth and rough textures (such as mohair and linen); glossy and matt surfaces (glass and brass); stable and unstable surfaces (such as wood and limestone). It’s obvious that various fabrics require different approach in sanitising. You may browse the web for tips or you can always find reliable domestic cleaning specialists. Nowadays, it’s not at all a problem. So, in case you like materials like silk or velvet, don’t be afraid to enjoy their beauty, no matter their specific hygienic maintenance.

  • Efficient layout in Zen interior – placement of furniture is the first thing that makes impression when entering into a room. Therefore, pieces of furniture must emit symmetry and harmony. Experts recommend to combine the largest furniture with large pieces and smaller with small ones. It’s not necessary they go together stylistically, even on the contrary – it is better to have different, but complementary elements. You may arrange big sofa and chairs with a large coffee table or standard size sofa with two armchairs and a low coffee table ( you can add a secondary table between the armchairs), or simply a comfortable armchair, two stools and a small table.

  • You may also create fresh and attractive interior by adding elements of different motive. For example, on plaid quilt or fabric you can jot down pillows in wonderful and various patterns – flowers, leaves, geometric shapes, waves and hearts. On the wall, you may hang several pictures with beautiful frames. However, in case you live on rent, you have to know that after you leave, the holes in the wall may become a problem for your landlord. So, he may get angry despite your flawless post tenancy cleaning procedure, so be very careful! The details really matter in Zen interior. You can decorate the table with hand-embroidered napkins or put fresh citrus fruit in a bowl of handmade ceramics. Arrange bottles, that are different by colour and have interesting design, on a shelf. If you have a fireplace, during the warm weather, you may put on the shelf above it a few large candles or some beautiful decorative candles and light them for dinner.

  • Accessories. You may plant some grass or other herbaceous plants in wooden boxes. A nice bouquet with fresh flowers will always refresh the atmosphere too. If you have a large seashell, fill it with salts, aromatic oils or simply with coloured soap and place it next to the tub.

Experts claim, that Zen interior of a balanced life refers more to your personal self-feeling at home, rather than to definite rules. So, when you strive to balance your home decor, think about the comfort, that will nurture and calm your soul and body. Think of nature and that every person is an integral part of it. Moreover – consider the uniqueness of elements of nature and let them triumph!

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