Housekeeping secrets straight from chambermaids of best hotels in the world

Housekeeping tips from chambermaidsThe world most expensive hotels hire the most reputable and hard-working chambermaids. This is a strong logic you cannot deny. What you cannot also deny is that your personal desire to have a brilliant and pure home environment that looks just the way a 4-star hotel room likes. If you want to make the first steps, here are some exclusive tips from the best luxurious hotel maids in the world. If you think they involve extra costly detergents to achieve the perfect hygiene, you are wrong. Sometimes, the most genius solutions are actually simple:

  • Whatever you have to disinfect thoroughly – shower walls, bath tub, toilet seat or kitchen sink – spray it with a mild disinfectant and bacteria removing spray. Never wash right after that, but let the product act for at least an hour. Then, dry with a damp cloth.

  • The sink and the windows, as well as the bathtub faucet, might be sanitised for 2 hours only. Use one product – a good window cleaner – and spray all the surfaces. Then rinse with lukewarm water and spray them once again. You can repeat as many times as your nervous system let you do it, but always finish with polishing. Use microfiber for that.

  • It is extremely important to be aware of all the eco-friendly detergents you use at home. Maids at hotel across the entire planet speak that some of them are even more harmful than your ordinary bleach at home. Reading the labels is good, but it is difficult to figure out any reaction of each two ingredients. And they are numerous in one single product. Buy only tested – and even old-fashioned – detergents, because they are guaranteed.

  • Forget about soap. This is a top secret from the chambermaids of the world expensive hotels and somehow, they are ready to reveal it. The professional cleaners believe that soap cause allergic reactions and rashes, so they cannot allow something like this to happen to one of the reputable guests. So, next time you want to deal with a stain on a rug, use citruses or white vinegar. If it does not work, simply hire steam carpet cleaning service, but don’t apply soap.

How about those tips? Do you find them helping or you want even more? Soon, we will disclose even more secrets that the best chambermaids on earth want to share with you.

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