Hollywood Regency Style – learn more and decide

Hollywood Regency StyleThe style was developed during the middle of the last century. At that time Hollywood filmmaking has been growing more and more. Thousands of people were involved in the industry. Films took long to be made and people devoted their entire lives to the industry. Actors had to live next to the stage, where they work. This created the need for a new style of living. And this style, is the regency style. Here are some interesting facts:

  • Concepts

As said earlier, the style is created for the film stars. So the primary aim of the design is to focus attention on the people. Film stars at that time expressed boldly their desires for the décor. And this is the primary concept of the style. Be bold! You can use two or more primary colours. They are usually combination of white and yellow, or white and purple. Black can also be incorporated, but never with blue! If you use black as a primary colour, you’ll have to call house cleaners more often. This is because dust is more apparent on dark surfaces.

  • Furniture

Furniture has to be extravagant! When the style was created designers had no time. That’s why a lot of the furniture came right from the stage. Style’s signatures are flamboyant patterns and luxurious fabrics.

  • Mirrors

This is one is sure no surprise. The appearance of actors is important. That’s why people are in the focus of this style. There should be at least one mirror per room. But this is not the only accents. All the shining surfaces are distinct component of the style.

  • Carpet

Carpet is also important. There should be a thick and luxurious carpet. This one is a sign of the high life. If you can afford it, I’ll advise you to buy one. Thick carpets have many advantages. Except style, they bring a wonderful feeling while you walk on them.  Unlike other types of floor surfaces, this one needs periodically to be cleaned. That’s why you’ll have to order steam carpet cleaning from time to time.

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