Have a nice and clean home every day

Nice and clean homeHaving a clean and tidy home can be a very challenging task, having in mind how busy everyone is nowadays at work. Follow these thee advises and make your life easier:

  1. Rather than throwing away the old kitchen apron, that you once used while cooking – use it for cleaning – fill its pockets with
    the necessary detergents and sponges and it will prevent you from repeatedly go back and forth to get them.
    This way your hands will be
    free to clean and scrub the surfaces, even when walking around from one room to another. If your apron does not have enough pockets or they are not suitable for this purpose, just sew a few extra ones.
  2. How to clean your cutlery fast – This simple chemical reaction will clean quickly and easily discoloured cutlery without damaging it. Put them in an aluminum container and sprinkle some baking soda on. Pour boiling water so that the cutlery is covered by it. When the stains disappear, take out the cutlery and polish it with a cotton cloth.
  3. How to dry our glassware – Drying the inside of the glassware with narrow necks (decanters, vases, bottles) can be really challenging – if you leave them to air dry, the water condenses on the walls of the container and can cause discolouration of the glass. However, you can easily deal with this difficult task if you put a tightly rolled paper towel funnel in the neck of the bottle. It needs to be as long as about 3/4 of the height of the container. The paper will absorb the moisture and take it outside the glassware without any condensation.

What are your cleaning secrets? Let’s help each other for our common mission – clean and tidy home!

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