Halloween 2013 – frightening and fascinating

Happy HalloweenHello, dear readers! How did you sleep last night? Hope you succeeded to get some rest, because today no sleeping is expected and maybe, you will not be even able to relax! Are you confused already? Well, turn around and check out the calendar.

Do you see that today is actually the day – the most exciting and scaring day in October! Halloween! Although, it is a holiday, Halloween isn’t only about celebrating, having a great table full of tasty food and having fun!

On the contrary, some Halloween nights aren’t funny at all… If you haven’t prepared yourself with the needed equipment for the naughty kids, expect the unexpected today! But don’t panic – that is what the Halloween is about after all, isn’t it? Surprises and raising the adrenalin of the unknown are parts of the most frightening holiday from the entire year! If we have already frightened you, please don’t be mad with us!We just want to prepare you for today’s emotions.

We wish you all a Happy Halloween and we wish you a superb combination of joy and fright during the holy night! Respect the cultural traditions, because who knows, maybe the ancient people will revenge you right on the scary Halloween night! And, by the way, everyone needs some magic sometimes.

Happy Halloween

 And only Halloween can make you honestly believe in it, so don’t lose the only chance you have to go beyond the reality and normality!

Have a great night, make a great scary joke to your friends and let a great set of cookies in the oven, because kids will not forgive you this time! They will want their sweets and you know very well the consequences in case you don’t provide them…Ok, lights off and put off all of your obligations today…Darkness and thrilling party are on their way! It’s Halloween time..!

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