Habits to adopt that will make the cleaning easier – Part 1

Home cleaning habitsIt’s easy to find an excuse not to do the cleaning – you can be too tired from a long day; you have to finish some project for work; you have an evening meeting that you can’t cancel, etc. However, using such excuses for too long can be dangerous. You can end up needing to take a week off in order to sanitise everything and put everything in the house into order.

A simple way to avoid such a scenario is to adopt a few simple habits. They will help you greatly in maintaining a decent appearance for your home. Apply them in your deep end of tenancy sterilising or in your regular domestic sanitising! The effect will be more than satisfying.

  1. Make an effort to put something away every time you go to a different room in the house. For instance if you have eaten something in front of the TV and you have to go to the kitchen, make sure you take away any bowls or plates you have used; if you go upstairs into the bedrooms, take with you any items that your children have dropped off in the living room and that don’t belong there.

  2. Do the dishes after putting the meal into the oven. After you have prepared everything and you have put the meal into the oven, don’t hurry to go to the sofa and lounge in front of the TV; instead waste no time and wipe the worktop and do the dishes – otherwise you will have to deal with everything later in the evening.

  3. Use baskets to make sure everything is where it belongs. Buy a few baskets and put labels on them – kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc; in the evening after you have come back from work, get one of the baskets, for example the one for the children’s bedroom, and go around the house. Put in it everything that is supposed to be in the children’s bedroom but it’s not –toys, clothes, notebooks, etc; then leave the basket in their room and let them take care of it.

Do you have more home cleaning ideas, that will ease your household chores? Share them with us!

Habits to adopt that will make the cleaning easier – Part 2

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