Guide for renting with cats

Renting with catsAre you a super cat lover? Isn’t your entire Pinterest profile full of sweet and funny kitties? Well, this kind of a hobby might become a huge problem for you, when it comes to renting a house or flat for living? Wondering why? Simply, the landlords aren’t the biggest fans of cats. They do not post cats on their Facebook walls, because, usually, these creatures aren’t the best friends of their rented properties. However, do not worry. There is a chance for you and your lovely kitty to hire a super nice and spacious house or a modern apartment, though. See our special guide for renting with cat – or even few cats!

  • Firstly, look for a pet-friendly houses and apartments. There are yet people, who may agree to welcome you and your sweet cat in their tenements. Just keep in mind that these advertisements are particularly separated from the casual and ordinary renting ads. Landlords expressly name it – you can come and rent their properties together with the cat.

  • Also, some landlords say it loudly “our house is pet-friendly”. In this case, you may even reduce the rent price by saying that your cat is simply less destructive than a giant and naughty dog, right?

  • In case you have found a super nice house that your kids just fallen in love with, but the landlord hasn’t described it as pet-friendly, start negotiating. The kinder you are the better for you. The more arguments for your cat features you name, the closer you become to get the property.

  • You can be tricky and wise by saying your landlord that you are obsessed by domestic hygiene. Having a cat at home makes you even more assiduous and diligent in household maintenance and you perform one off cleaning on a super regular basis.

  • If your cat is older, you have bigger chances to get the property of your dreams. Speak about your pet during the negotiations and explain your potential landlord how gentle and obedient it is.

  • Last, but not least, promise your landlord that once you decide to leave the property, you will hire professional company for the final, post tenancy cleaning procedure. Also, mention that no signs of hairs or other kitty damages will be observed!

You and your cat have the chances to hire the best property in your local town! Just be confident and persuasive.

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