Fridge in the office – instructions for use

How to use office fridgeMany offices these days offer the convenience of the refrigerator. It’s very useful, because employees may bring some home made food. However, there are some rules, which must be followed when you use this kitchen appliance:

  • Private space in the office refrigerator

The office fridge is a mini model of the organisation’s office. So do not forget that if you take more from one fourth of the shelf, you become intrusive for your colleagues. When the refrigerator is full, do not hesitate to put someone else’s food boxes slightly more compact. Just do it carefully, because hardly anyone would like to collect their lunch from the shelves.

  • Maintenance and cleanliness

Food should never stay more than a week in the refrigerator. If you do not intend to eat something, do not leave it to rest in the refrigerator until it gets moldy. Otherwise, sooner or later, your colleagues will reach stinking mass that has ever worn the proud name spaghetti “Bolognese” and will be disgusted, and you’ll want to sink into the ground from shame. The basic principle is not to store up – carry only as much food as you can eat for lunch. Maintaining the hygiene of the fridge must become a task, included in the regular office cleaning.

  • No exotic dishes

Maybe you do not believe it, but not everyone is charmed by the scent of Brussels sprouts with garlic sauce or Thai curry. It is wonderful that you love to experiment with food, but do it only at home and far from your colleagues. Imagine what smell will spread around the office, if you try to warm these foods in the microwave.

  • Proper packaging

The best way to prevent the theft of food is not to tempt your colleagues. Leaving a delicious food in the office refrigerator is like throwing a piece of meat of sharks and hope that they will not eat it. So pack the products first in a box, and then in foil or package. This will keep them safe from malicious attacks. Even the carpet cleaners know that trick.

It’s great if you have a fridge in the office. Thus you may avoid fast food and you may save some cash.

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