Freshen up the kitchen for the spring

Kitchen refreshmentWith the first more intense sun rays of the spring, all of us start thinking of how to change themselves positively and most of us use this time of the year to detox and clean the body from the accumulated toxins during the winter.

Some of us start doing some physical exercises, jogging, yoga, fitness etc. Other practice some detox diet using mostly lemons and lemonade to clean the body from the toxins. Together with detoxing of our body, most of us find out that there is a place in our home that needs cleaning and refreshing too – the place where we spend a great deal of our time in – the kitchen.

 The kitchen is the room where the family (especially the housewives) spends much of their time. That is why we need to keep this place clean and maintained. I’m sure, all of us clean their kitchen on a regular basis but in the spring, the housewives used to have their kitchen deep cleaned. And after this deep spring cleaning of the kitchen, it is time to make it a better place to spend time in. To make this space more attractive, you can:

  • Put some flowers. If you have a bright kitchen, plants can be green without blossoms. But if the kitchen furniture is dark, you must put blossomed flowers that will make a completely new spring look of the room.
  • Open the blinds and, of course, open the windows. Enjoy the spring sun, especially in the morning. Having your kitchen bathed by light will help you with the spring cleaning and will make you be in a good mood all day!

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