Fresh ideas – flowers in the bathroom

Flowers in the bathroomWhy don’t you transfer the spring in the bathroom and decorate it with flowers and green plants?

Usually, the bathroom is not a room where we put flowers. The main problem there is the high level of humidity and the lack of sunlight. Usually, there is not enough space, too.

But, with good organization and with an appropriate choice of plants we can create our little green paradise in the bathroom. All you need to do is choose flowers that are not too demanding.

A type of flowers that are perfect for this environment are orchids. They are a great choice for decoration near the sink. However, what you should do is check with a specialist which are the most suitable flowers for your bathroom. Combine them with stone and wood and soothing Zen design and you will have a lovely bathroom with Spa atmosphere.

Just ask or read on the Internet about easy to grow plants. Yucca is also a great choice for the bathroom, being not demanding at all. The main principle is to find a plant that doesn’t need so much light, usually that are the plants with dark-green leaves.

An easier idea of making the bathroom more cheerful is placing fake flowers. They are much cheaper, do not need light or water and are easy to maintain. You can get so many different types from almost any shop now, just choose the colors you like and go decorate!

Just imagine your morning. You wake up and go to the bathroom to brush your teeth and the first thing you see there is the bloom of a beautiful orchid.. Wonderful, isn’t it? In this way you will begin your day with a big smile and in a great mood!

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