Family challenge: many kids in one house

Many kids at home - how to stay organizedRaising a large family can be a blessing, but often it can turn in your biggest nightmare. What no-one have told you for having multiple kids? Here are some advices that may brighten your horizons:

  • Leave the hope for quiet and peaceful home behind. Such hope will only make you feel unsatisfied, better start family band. How you think “The Jackson 5” appeared?!

  • High level multitasking. Having a big family is like being professional juggler, you have life that you want to keep and you add and add to it. This may seem endless struggle in the beginning but there will be a point from which you won’t even notice the efforts you make.

  • Conducting is the way. Families with multiple children are like symphonic orchestra: they need great organization and multiple tries to sound in harmony. Share with your partner the tasks, sync your calendars, share responsibility with the older children and don’t be ashamed to seek help. In such situations the domestic cleaners Clapham are priceless.

  • Cheaper shopping. Forget the impulsive shopping, last-minute rides to the supermarket and buying just one thing per visit. Big family plus more products may end up in huge bill but also if you act smart, it can get you huge discount. Look for storages and promotions that will ease your family budget. The same goes for the loyal client programs that some shops have.

  • Clutter on a leash. Make a badge chart and give tasks, it will keep children’s minds focused on their tasks. Try to give everybody both individual and common tasks, like taking out the trash and the carpet cleaning Kensington. The first will emphasize on the individual work, the second will make you better team.

Don’t let challenges take over, you can beat them. If you want happy big family, focus on the positive sides.

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