Emotional eating as a health problem

Emotional eating as a health problemFood often becomes misplaced medicine for mental problems. But even if eating is really able to cure your psyche, it has a number of adverse side effects affecting your health in general. There is a huge difference between eating when you’re hungry and nutrition, dictated by emotions. The first is a natural need and the other is a sign of a problem. And it is very important to be able to recognise if there is a problem with regard to the reasons that make you reaching for food. This way you will control the excesses of food, which leads to health problems. Learn more on this topic:

  • The main difference between emotional hunger and true hunger is that the first comes suddenly, like drug addiction and it is urgent. Emotional menu is also different. Driven by emotions, one has a tendency and need to overdo it with sweet and fatty foods. It is unusual for emotional hunger to be sated with fruit or nuts, for example. Another significant feature of emotional eating is that feeling of satiety seems missing, because one often leads to overeating, driven by emotions.

  • When nutrition is dictated by emotions, usually it comes to positive and negative feelings. You reach for food when you are satisfied and happy as a way to reward and help yourself. In addition you have a tendency to overdo with food in order to raise the mood (the food has always been known as an aphrodisiac and a source of pleasure and enjoyment), to heal your fears, depression, grief, anger, loneliness, stress, boredom, etc. Negative emotions literally drain your energy, and the food is a quick way to load yourself again. Call the spring cleaners and don’t torture yourself with sanitising if it makes you feel bad.

  • Emotional eating as a health problemHow to stop emotional eating? Even before the first bite, give yourself time to find out if you are really hungry or you eat, prompted by emotions. If this is the second, look for alternative ways of dealing with moods (reading, dancing, watching a movie, relax in the bath or shower, going out with friends, walk with your pet, play with children, etc.). The aim is to distract your attention from hunger and to determine subsequently whether it is real or emotional. You can also go to your dry carpet cleaning company instead of calling on the phone.

Physical activity, social contacts, the presence of a hobby, healthy diet, good sleep and generally maintaining a healthy lifestyle are also things that do not allow you to overtake the emotional hunger.

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