Electric toothbrush – a luxury or necessity?

The benefits of using electric toothbrushWhat do you think about electric toothbrush? Have you ever tried one? Well, there are various opinions, some people like it, others not. Read the rows below and find out what to pay attention to if you decide to make such a purchase:

  • The market offers a really wide variety of models: alternating direction of rotation, with the opposite rotation of the pile, two-headed, with adjustable rotating bundles with up and down movement, intense vibration, etc. Which one you will choose depends on the opinion of the dentist and finances that you have available. There are models with timers with audible or visual indication that shows that you have used the brush the necessary minutes. There are those that signal if the pressure on the tooth is too big, and extras – whitening, sensitive teeth, massaging the gums and others.

  • It is better when choosing an electric toothbrush to select a model with movable head instead of fixed. This way you will only replace the head when it’s worn, not the entire brush.

  • You should pay attention on power too. It turns out that some brushes do not have replaceable batteries and after their depletion, you just have to buy a new brush. So be careful. Most brushes work with a standard battery, but it is better to choose those with batteries that are charged from the stand of a toothbrush, which plugs into the switch. There are brushes with indications when the batteries are exhausted and need to load them. This is undoubtedly a facility. A great facility is also the assistance of the domestic cleaners.

  • If you think that this is an unnecessary purchase and you remain a supporter of traditional toothbrush, be careful to correctly brush your teeth. Consult your dentist, he will show you best what are the movements, the slope and consistency. This is definitely very important. The money saved from an electric toothbrush, you can invest in professional spring sanitising. Do not forget to clean the tongue. The movements should be circular, horizontal and vertical, and should continue at least three minutes.

Don’t neglect brushing of your teeth, because if you clean your teeth right, you will visit your dentist more rarely.

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