Easy air conditioner cleaning tips

Air conditioner cleaningAir conditioner is a home gadget that has become really necessary and beloved to us recently. At first, the gadget was just a luxury home belonging, but with years people started feeling a big need of it. In summer, air conditioner is something you can’t live without, as a matter of fact. The high temperature – rising every day – and the unbearable heat interfere your sleep and suppress your working capacity. In short, it is really unexplainable how people used to live without this genius home invention!

Now, when summer has arrived and summer cleaning is ahead, it is high time for you to prepare your life-saving air conditioner for action! Including the vent system refreshment and sanitising in seasonal one off cleaning in summer is really obligatory! See the following easy air conditioner cleaning tips. Learn how to clean your air conditioner fast and safe. Save some money and don’t call the cleaning company again – you can’t always rely on the professional cleaners, can you?

  • Seasonal air conditioner cleaning protects and maintains it!

  • It will take only an hour to sanitise the air conditioner! Though, the gadget will cool you the entire summer. So, it is worth it and it is of benefit!

  • First – clean the condenser! Turn off the gadget and remove the plastic filter. Use distilled water and a bit of mild dish washing product.

  • Let the electricity gadget to dry. Take a few minutes relaxation and prepare yourself for the next cleaning step.

  • Vacuum the inside part of the air conditioner. You can do it with and ordinary vacuum-cleaner. Attention – don’t use hair fan, because it will spread the dust inside the mechanism only!

  • Straighten the fins of the air conditioner with a kitchen knife. Do it slowly and gently!

  • Remove and take out the fan of the air conditioner. Wipe and brush it! Use a few amount of liquid, because rust will spoil the air in your home! And this is definitely not healthy cleaning!

  • Gather the pieces of the air conditioner only when it is done, dry and completely sanitised!

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