Decorating with graphite grey

Decorating with graphite grey

Graphite grey doesn’t mean boredom, just forget about that word! Thanks to that colour, your house will look more stylish and elegant than ever. What is more, it is particularly trendy this autumn! Here are some ideas on how to include graphite grey in your house decor:

  • Graphite grey blends perfectly with yellow and beige – that decision is stylish, fresh and modern. The colour also combines well with brown and orange;

  • If you seek softer effect, then you can combine baby pink or sky-blue and graphite grey. In case you want to achieve a bit more dramatic appearance of the room, grey-red ‘mix’ is appropriate for you;

  • Unusual ‘alliances’ between graphite grey and turquoise or purple are very popular today. ‘Classics in the genre’ remain graphite grey, combined with white or black;

  • It is an important for the home, painted in grey, to be illuminated enough. After all, grey colour is associated with shadow. So you should choose it for rooms with large windows or strong lighting fixtures. Don’t forget about the regular window cleaning;

  • Most people pick graphite grey as main colour for the walls. You can always make the opposite: include furniture and accents in graphite grey and choose bright colours for your walls;

  • Nowadays graphite grey is typical mostly for decor in Scandinavian style, in combination with white or beige and some fluffy carpets. Don’t worry about the maintenance of those rugs – you may always rely on the professional help of your local carpet cleaners. Grey is appropriate for modernist style-type Hollywood, when it’s combined with vivid colours, pop art paintings and neon accents. Graphite grey is suitable for home in aristocratic style, when it is combined with baroque furniture, exquisite sculptures and impressive pictures;

  • Why not combine graphite grey with black and white photographs, for instance? You may experiment with various prints, floral and animalistic motifs, and graphic lines.

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