Common spring cleaning myths – debunked!

Spring cleaning mythsMany of you have a strict organisation for domestic household maintenance. It is normal, when somebody learns something to continue using and doing it without even asking yourself if it is right or not.

Others are too trustful and when they hear something, they believe it at once!

These are the ways, which create mistakes! And mistakes in housekeeping are not very recommended, because they will affect your health, your personal relationships at home and even your spiritual condition.See the most common myths in home spring refreshment and stop using them! They will be debunked now:

  • You can clean everything with the ordinary bleach and white vinegar! Not exactly! Most of the surfaces damage from the bleach, while the white vinegar is not such a strong bacteria killer, but mostly a bad odour removal solution!

  • Wood furniture needs special polisher! Actually, too much use of chemical detergents or fatty liquids will eventually wear the shelves and cabinets out! In case you shine the wooden furniture very often at home, in spring purge you can only wipe them down with a clean cloth! It is all up to your own regularity!

  • Spring refreshment is the same as the domestic regular cleaning, but more long-lasting. It does last longer, but it is not the same. Tidying up on daily basis and doing the laundry on weekly basis have nothing similar to the deep spring cleaning, where harsh vacuuming, steam cleaning and window washing are also performed!

  • Spring cleaning must be done before Easter. As you know, Easter is at different date each year. Sometimes, according to the calendar Easter may turn out to be in the end of May. Do you think that you can live in a dirty and full-of-germs house during the entire March and April?

  • You are finally allowed to use chemicals! As a matter of fact, these harmful detergents are not recommended during the entire year. Just because the last months were free of bad ingredients for your home, does not mean that you can fill it with them in spring recreation! They are health-risking all the time!

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