Coffee traditions around the world

Coffee traditions around the worldCoffee is one of those delightful drinks, which are popular all around the world. It is hard to find a place on the Earth where they don’t offer coffee. And actually nowadays most people have a habit of starting the day with it.

From simple Italian espresso to the traditional Turkey coffee in a pot, see how the world “likes” coffee:

  • Italy – in Italy coffee is being served in small cups. Italians drink it quickly. They enjoy the espresso only in the morning. In the afternoon they prefer cappuccino;

  • Turkey – according to the Turkish, coffee should be “black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love”. They boil it in a copper vessel, called a pot. There is a thick cream. Coffee is usually being served after a meal and it is highly sweetened;

  • France – the French begin the day with a cup of coffee with a little milk (latte), served in a large cup. They combine it with warm croissants;

  • Saudi Arabia – in Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations, the ceremony for the serving of coffee follows many rules of etiquette, including that first coffee should be served on the elder in the family;

  • Mexico – if you like cinnamon in your coffee, it’s your country. Mexicans boil coffee in pottery and put cinnamon sticks in it, which slightly changes the taste;

  • Ethiopia – some people claim that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, so it is not surprising that this drink is everywhere in this African country. In Ethiopia there are traditional ceremonies for the preparation and serving of coffee, which can last up to 2 hours;

  • Austria – we’ve all heard about their traditional coffee that tastes very much like cappuccino, but this one is garnished with a froth of whipped cream;

  • Greece – the sparkling ice drink with coffee, called frappe is favourite of the Greek people;

  • Ireland – the famous Irish coffee actually looks like a cocktail and is being served after dinner. It includes hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and whipped cream. Irish coffee was founded in 1940 in order to warm the American tourists during the cold winter on the island, but it remains a popular and admired and today.

A cup of coffee is an excellent remedy for “charging” with some energy before going to work or running domestic sanitising at home and etc. It is so refreshing and nice! So how do you prefer your coffee?

Coffee aroma

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Victoria says:

Although I would drink my coffee pretty much any way, any time of day, I LOVE the French way of drinking their coffee, a latte and a croissant is perfect!

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