Check out these decent coffee substitutes!

Coffee alternativesMost of us are used to start the day with a cup of coffee. Without this ritual hours pass somehow sluggish, halfhearted and spiritless. Is this discomfort caused by caffeine withdrawal or just confusion of our daily rhythm? It is difficult to say. The fact is that the habit seems to be much stronger than physical dependence. So if for any reason you should avoid caffeine (eg pregnancy or disease), see how you can replace this refreshing drink:

  • First, we remind you of decaffeinated coffee. What is better than it – the same flavor and taste, but without the harmful consequences. Yes, but no. Caffeine therein is extracted with solvents, some of which are hazardous for health, for example methylene chloride. So if you have decided to opt out of coffee because you expect a child, it’s not recommend this supposedly harmless drink.

  • Fortunately, there are various herbal coffee substitutes that imitate the taste. One of the most popular is chicory. Dried and baked root of this plant contains 98% inulin – completely water soluble prebiotic that loads the body with energy, promotes the absorption of certain minerals (calcium and magnesium) and improves digestion. This substance has a sweet taste and is therefore used as a healthy and low-calorie sugar substitute. Drinking chicory not only refreshes, but is extremely strong, thick and aromatic. You might be surprised, but chicory powder is often added to regular coffee, it improves the taste. However, the best refreshing drink for your carpet cleaners Ealing remains coffee.

  • Also very healthy and refreshing is “coffee” from acorn flour. It strengthens the immune system and restores the body after severe fatigue. Unfortunately it’s not available in pure form and you can find it only in a mixture with chicory.

  • Similar to coffee drinks are also prepared from the roasted grains of barley, oats, rye and chickpeas. All are dense and aromatic. In case you will start deep end of tenancy cleaning Beckenham, drink a cup of your favorite coffee and prepare for thorough tidying up!

Are you ready to try some of the listed up above alternatives?

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