Cheating in cleaning is not a sin!

Cheating in cleaningDear busy ladies and independent single women, this article is made just for you! We understand your worries about having no time for all the tasks in life.

We also appreciate your personal life and we think you deserve it as much as any other person does. In order to show our empathy, we have gathered for you a pack of working, effective, time-saving and easy tricks!

All of them will help you in housekeeping. Because cheating in cleaning is not a sin! And using some wise tricks is not a crime at all:

  • For the perfect mirrors that reflect your perfect female face – sprinkle warm water by using the shower. Then scrub off with a sponge and let them dry! Actually, you do not need any special polishing solution or wasting of time. Just do this procedure every time you are having a shower.

  • If you want a sparkling toilet seat, all you need to do is to apply some detergent all over the surface. Leave it, go grab a bite, choose the clothes you will dress up in today and go back to the toilet. Flush the water and see the whiteness again inside your toilet seat!

  • Lampshades that are dusty definitely irritate you – especially if you are used to work during the night. Do not waste your valuable time in vacuuming. Just pour 3-4 drops of dishwashing cleanser in a big bowl of cold water. Get a sponge and dip it into the mixture. Squeeze it over the lamp and take up with a microfibre!

  • Instead of buying additional detergents for bad odour removal, prepare your own deodorisers. You can simply use your secret essential oils that you use for facial masks, nail polishing and hair strengthening. Apply few drops of them in a spray bottle and spray before leaving for work!

  • Book professional cleaning service on a month basis. All the rest of the tasks will be easier to be performed, if someone has done the most of them in advance. This is not even a cheat, but a normal time-saving strategy!

  • Accept the domestic disinfection as an extra fitness. Sitting on the office desk during the entire day will not help you losing some weight, but washing the dishes, dusting the furniture and wiping the upholstery will definitely burn some calories!

These tricks are appropriate for common house maintenance. Do not use them during the end of tenancy cleaning, because it requires a bit more endeavor and efforts!

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