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Yoga – best sport for housekeepers

Yoga tipsYoga isn’t a traditional sport such as gym exercises, fitness trainings or even something more serious for keeping yourself in shape – football, basketball, swimming or dancing! Yoga returns the wellness to both – your body and your mind!

Experts, who are extremely keen on yoga and masters in preventing bad moods, bad health condition and bad lifestyle, say that yoga brings the balance to human life in various aspects! Read more

Business etiquette – 7 rules for being a perfect employee

Business meeting etiquetteNowadays, there is a kind of tendency at the workplace – colleagues become your friends, you get used to the daily presence of your boss. And after all, your behavior at work isn’t so different than the one in your personal life.

Of course, it’s not bad to get along well with people. But there is still something, called business etiquette. Don’t forget it! Good manners in business communication improve your image and “open doors” to success. This is highly important for some situations – like a business meeting or a presentation. So you must make a good impression! Read more

Make your home live with the art of “Papier-mache”

art of “Papier-mache”Papier – mache is a technique whereby you make new items with cheap materials. Generally the technique consists of sticking pieces of paper on various objects. The glue that you use is a mixture of flour and water. After gluing pieces of paper over the entire surface of the object, let it dry. Move the dry figure from the object and paint it with different decorations.

The art of “Papier – mache” comes from French and literally means chewed paper. In Ancient Egypt, papier-mache was used to make coffins and death masks. Read more

Simple tips for mites removal

Bed mites cleaningDust mites are the worst enemies in your bedroom cleaning at home. They are also known as bed mites, because their favourite place to live and spread in is the bed! The most revolting part here is that they hide deeply in the mattresses and sometimes people can’t even see them! Read more

Lint roller – why to use and how to make it

Lint RollerThe lint roller is a simple, but magical tool for domestic use! Known also as lint remover, the appliance is easy to be used and amazing in the harsh fight with the least dirtiness and bacteria at home. It quickly deals with all types of hairs – including pet hairs – and other small fibers, dust and remains. Read more

A winter garden – fresh idea for the cold days

Home winter gardenIf you own a beautiful house with a yard, but the cold weather does not allow you to enjoy the beautiful green colours, the winter garden is a good alternative for you. Nowadays the conservatory is a building that is designed with modern equipment, various materials and new technologies. Winter garden is a complex architectural project that catches everyone’s eyes.

Conservatory incorporates several key elements: vertical glazing, transparent roof, and opening parts: windows and doors. Each element of the conservatory is made of a special material. Read more

How to optimise your budget – a “diet” for the wallet

Optimise your budget What usually happens when you start to accumulate extra weight? Diet? – Probably yes.

It is the same with personal and/or family finances. If you have a lot of loans, low income and etc. you need to regain your good financial form.

You’d better do it quickly. Or in other words – you need a financial diet. But don’t worry! You can optimise your budget with a few simple rules: Read more

Appropriate activities for pregnant women

 Appropriate activities for pregnant womenThere is still a walking legend that pregnant women should only eat and rest. Although, the contemporary ladies and self-confident moms from 21st century are completely aware that this is not exactly true.

Active live during pregnancy is a good thing, when it is balanced with the suitable nutrition and combined with the needed inside calm spirit. Read more

Newest trends in carpeting

Newest trends in carpeting Practical, comfortable and original – these are still the main features among the newest trends in carpeting. The hottest models and designs for floor covering are focused on the bold ideas for creativeness and artistic home view.

As you know, as any décor and as any piece of furniture, carpet can quickly and dramatically change the interior design of a room. Read more

Preparation for school – funny and exciting

Preparation for schoolSummer is about to be gone and holidays, vacations and days-off will come to an end, as well. Adults go back to the office, while kids must prepare for going back to school. That’s the way it is and that is a constant circle. With a bit of nostalgia and summertime sadness, though, you will have to manage the preparation for school in your own home, too! Make it funnier and more exciting, so your kids may skip the bad mood part! Check out some ideas for preparing your kid and your home for the autumn and for the beginning of the schools season: Read more

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