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There are different types of hunger – check them out!

There are different types of hungerAre you feeling hungry? Usually, when we reach the end point of starvation, in which our belly scrapes so that it makes us sick, we are ready to eat a whole elephant! Or at least food equal to that weight! Let’s put the joking aside. Each extremity brings its big damage. Abuse of harmful ingredients and calories leads to nothing good. Overuse of healthy products will not keep your figure either. People tend to turn to food in many different moments. In order to stay with slender figure or to be able to fit into your old jeans, see which types of hunger you must overcome! Do not give in! Read more

Can you move out without breaking up?

Can you move out without breaking upThe dilemma about moving in together is similar to whether we can back up a little while actually living together. The thrill of having to share the every day, every second with your beloved one can be a little frightening. Is stepping backwards a good or bad idea and can it affect the relationship. There is no single answer to that complex question. However there are few options. Read more

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