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Burnout syndrome or how does psychological chain burn out?

How to avoid burn out syndromeModern society suffers from many diseases, whose existence no one previously has not even imagined. Thanks to the slower speed of everyday life in the past, there were lack of grounds for the existence of different types of addictions, obsessions and phobias. Each evolutionary step except than positives undoubtedly brings its negatives. Rapid contact with someone makes us look even more rapid implementation of the decision. However, speed is an advantage and competition, so we are trying to strengthen the quality and quantity. Learn more details: Read more

Family challenge: many kids in one house

Many kids at home - how to stay organizedRaising a large family can be a blessing, but often it can turn in your biggest nightmare. What no-one have told you for having multiple kids? Here are some advices that may brighten your horizons: Read more

Check out these decent coffee substitutes!

Coffee alternativesMost of us are used to start the day with a cup of coffee. Without this ritual hours pass somehow sluggish, halfhearted and spiritless. Is this discomfort caused by caffeine withdrawal or just confusion of our daily rhythm? It is difficult to say. The fact is that the habit seems to be much stronger than physical dependence. So if for any reason you should avoid caffeine (eg pregnancy or disease), see how you can replace this refreshing drink: Read more

Nuts you shouldn’t eat

Don't eat these nutsEvery nut is nutritional powerhouse with the size of a bite. Minerals, proteins, vitamins and vital oils are what makes nuts such a precious part of the healthy nutrition. Despite all this praising nuts can be bad friends in some conditions: Read more

How to deal with your tyrannical boss?

Tyrannical bossDo you have the misfortune to work with tyrannical boss? He ruthlessly humiliates you, anywhere, with or without occasion. He keeps his subordinates in fear and intimidates just by looking. You are wondering what to do? It is time for decisive action, so follow our tips: Read more

What are the main features of effective leaders?

How to recognize the effective  leaderLeaders are actually very complex persons. The leader must be naturally credible. He motivates his followers. First of all these people see a need, injustice or something that is important and needs to be changed for the better. As Martin Luther King saw the need for equality between black and white, the need for equal rights and the elimination of racism in America. Learn more about the characteristics of the leaders: Read more

How to wake up the child in yourself?

Save the child in youDo you remember your carefree and funny childhood full of wonderful stories and adventures? It would be much better if we allow in our lives to experience some moments in which to remember how it felt when we were kids. Here is what the kid in us tells us: Read more

Electric toothbrush – a luxury or necessity?

The benefits of using electric toothbrushWhat do you think about electric toothbrush? Have you ever tried one? Well, there are various opinions, some people like it, others not. Read the rows below and find out what to pay attention to if you decide to make such a purchase: Read more

10 Chinese rules for proper nutrition

Chinese healthy eating rulesYou have heard about feng shui, right? This ancient Chinese art is so «imposed» lately, that more and more people are turning to it, ordering the furniture at home or even trying to stabilize their career. In fact the idea of ​​living in a harmonious atmosphere is not bad at all. And sometimes, for this to happen, you must first find harmony in yourself and in your own body and soul. Lately a lot of people argue that Feng Shui is their faithful helper in the fight against excess weight. So we decided to share with you some Chinese rules about how to eat. Read more

Benefits of maple syrup

Maple syrop - healthy benefitsMaple syrup is very famous in the US and Canada. For some people – wonderful addition to their morning pancakes for others – tool for weight loss. They claim it’s powerful and highly therapeutic. These properties have been known to the Indians in the early 18th century. Read more

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