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Buying Feng Shui home items guide

Buying Feng Shui home items guideOne of the most common home arrangement and decoration approaches is called Feng Shui. But here`s one more fact about it – Feng Shui is a great idea to improve your home, too. So, even if your living space is already finished, furnished and adorned, there`s always place for a little bit of Feng Shui. You can do it with few items even. According to Feng Shui even one single thing in a room can fully change it. So the thing is what things you buy. In order to avoid mistakes and have the best Feng Shui purchase, we are ready to help. We present you our buying Feng Shui home items guide: Read more

Winter sports in the living room

Winter sports in the living roomWinter can be very exciting time, especially if you have children that want to go to play when it’s snowing outside. How to keep them inside? It’s a hard task but there are some ways in which you can make staying home both entertaining and furniture saving. Check them out: Read more

Autumn colour combinations for the interior

Autumn colour combinations for the interiorThe typical autumn colours are soothing and nice. That is why they are the ideal choice for your home interior. See which colour combinations are most suitable for that time of the year:

  • Brown and yellow – there is hardly another colour combination that reminds so much of the autumn landscape. The combination of brown and yellow calms down and at the same time ‘charges’ you with positive energy. In addition, depending on the nuances of the two colours, you can use the combination during the whole year; Read more

Interior doors buying guide

Interior doorsInterior doors are essential. They are as important as the front door is. No matter how little its protective function is, it has many others. Doors give privacy and intimacy. Besides, the more solid a door is, the better the isolation in each room will become. And what about the aesthetic part? An ugly door might ruin the entire interior design. And we know you do not want this to happen. Whether, you move into a brand new empty house, or you just want to renovate your present one, the following interior doors buying guide will be quite useful for you. Check it out right away: Read more

Superb winter ideas for decorating your garden fence

Decorating the garden fenceThe garden fence is usually boring, dull and sometimes even plain. Even if you keep it decent, fresh and cleaned, it is not enough to boast with a stylish home garden or a patio. You can do much more to increase the artistic potential of your garden fence by adding some creative ornaments and charming additions. Inspire yourself to do so by checking out the following superb winter ideas for decorating your garden fence: Read more

Decorating with graphite grey

Decorating with graphite grey

Graphite grey doesn’t mean boredom, just forget about that word! Thanks to that colour, your house will look more stylish and elegant than ever. What is more, it is particularly trendy this autumn! Here are some ideas on how to include graphite grey in your house decor: Read more

Hollywood Regency Style – learn more and decide

Hollywood Regency StyleThe style was developed during the middle of the last century. At that time Hollywood filmmaking has been growing more and more. Thousands of people were involved in the industry. Films took long to be made and people devoted their entire lives to the industry. Actors had to live next to the stage, where they work. This created the need for a new style of living. And this style, is the regency style. Here are some interesting facts: Read more

7 unexpected uses of drinking straws

7 unexpected uses of drinking strawsHave you ever thought about any additional uses of straws, besides drinking? These seemingly ordinary household items may come in handy in various situations. Just use your imagination! Take a look at our ideas:

  1. Stem Firmer – when you prepare a bouquet of flowers, you can make the blooms more stable by adding soft stems, like tulips. Before you place them in a vase, you should insert the stems into a wide straw; Read more

Purple accents in the living room

Purple accents in the living roomPurple is an ideal colour for the design of the living room. It incorporates great official furnishings and traditional elements. Perfect colours for combination with purple are white, black and grey. Black is not appropriate for the living room, so better focus on white and grey. Here are our advices:

  • Walls

We want some purple accents, not to make the entire place purple. That’s why the wall should not be painted in that colour. Grey is a good decision as a wall colour. Do you insist on purple on the walls? If so, you can get wallpapers with purple patterns. Wallpapers are preferred for making such changes. Read more

How to choose dining chairs?

Dining chairsIf you believe that chairs are not an important detail in your dining room, we will disprove you now. There are plenty of things that you must consider when choosing those chairs. Prepare a list with criteria and keep in mind the words: comfortable and ergonomic. Here is what we mean behind them:

  • The dining chairs must be designed in accordance with the natural body position;

  • It is important for the chairs to be sufficiently stable;

  • Armrests (if any) must be comfortable – not too low or too high;

  • The height of the chairs has to match the height of the table and the people who will use them (think about separate chairs for the kids, for example). Read more

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