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Natural tricks to remove the ants from your home

Remove ants from homeMaintaining your living environment clean, lovely and fresh is a harsh task to accomplish. Moreover, such a mission is difficult, because it consists of several obligations you have and they are not exactly closely connected with some purges on daily business and deeper disinfection once in a while. Read more

Useful and interesting tips for indoor plants

Indoor plantsIndoor plants are traditional, easy to maintain, eco and healthy decoration idea. They put an extra green and eco-friendly line in your lifestyle and meanwhile, they restore and freshen up the air and the domestic environment. However, proper indoor plant maintenance requires some specific rules. On the other side, few creative ideas and conceptions for arrangement and adorning won’t hurt! See some useful and interesting tips for indoor plants Read more

Tips for choosing wallpapers

Tips for choosing wallpapersDo you want to diversify your home without having to do any major repairs? If yes, wallpaper is a really good idea. Create a nice and cozy atmosphere; change the appearance of your rooms.

About wallpapers – there is a variety of colours, shapes. There are washable, relief, 3D and many others. But how to choose the right wallpaper for your room? Read more

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