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Stainless steel appliances – polishing DIY project

Stainless steel appliances cleaning

Stainless steel appliances are common items in any family house or modern apartment. No matter where and with whom you live, these personal belongings are parts of your living environment.

Except for being extremely useful in your everyday life, they are also truly elegant and amazing as main decors in a room. Mostly, such appliances can be found in the kitchen. Although, studios and combos of dining rooms plus cooking areas consist of stainless steel appliances, as well. Read more

Waiting for a baby requires one – off cleaning

Waiting for a babyWaiting for a baby is the most exciting moment in mother’s life. Anxious parents make a serious preparation for the “big moment”. Baby clothes, food, cot and many other things – these goods are prepared during the whole period of pregnancy. Giving a birth is big responsibility and it requires giving your baby the perfect living conditions. Read more

Carpet cleaning mistakes – Part 2

Carpet cleaning mistakes - Part 2Let’s continue with the typical carpet cleaning mistakes! Unfortunately, this subject is too huge, so you should better keep informing yourself about the things you shouldn’t do or cause to your carpets at home! As you know, sometimes, the worst case is a better example! Concentrate now and read the next noisome and catastrophic mistakes in carpet sanitising! If you need to, write them down and never think about doing them anymore. Get ready for carpet cleaning mistakes – part 2: Read more

Carpet cleaning mistakes – Part 1

Carpet cleaning mistakesCleaning at home is a part of your life at home! Whether you do it constantly and diligently by making some daily cleaning chores or by following a cleaning scheme on a weekly basis, sanitising is mandatory! Preserving home hygiene and providing a healthy living environment for the entire family is your duty! There is actually no way for you to escape and to avoid it, because it concerns you and your health, too!

Carpet cleaning, for example, comes as a very serious and substantial episode in domestic cleaning and deep house disinfection. Read more

Laundry tips for domestic cleaning at home

Doing the laundryThere are plenty of cleaning activities we recommend you to include in your daily cleaning schedule. Cleaning tasks such as sanitising the furniture, cleaning the upholstery, floor disinfection and changing the bed linens are both – important and regular, when it comes to home hygiene preservation. Read more

Easy air conditioner cleaning tips

Air conditioner cleaningAir conditioner is a home gadget that has become really necessary and beloved to us recently. At first, the gadget was just a luxury home belonging, but with years people started feeling a big need of it. In summer, air conditioner is something you can’t live without, as a matter of fact. The high temperature – rising every day – and the unbearable heat interfere your sleep and suppress your working capacity. In short, it is really unexplainable how people used to live without this genius home invention! Read more

And the dirtiest place at home is…

The dirties place at homeThe toilet has always had the reputation as the dirtiest place in every average home, no matter how often we clean it. However a new research brings new light for this fact and the truth is… there are far dirtier places. Some of them we would never suspect they are.

Dr. Chuck Gerba – a Professor of Microbiology at the University of Arizona takes the research in his hands, investigating how the diseases are transmitted in the environment. Moreover – he makes a calculation how many and what kind of bacteria inhabit most of our household. Read more

Fresh ideas – flowers in the bathroom

Flowers in the bathroomWhy don’t you transfer the spring in the bathroom and decorate it with flowers and green plants?

Usually, the bathroom is not a room where we put flowers. The main problem there is the high level of humidity and the lack of sunlight. Usually, there is not enough space, too.

But, with good organization and with an appropriate choice of plants we can create our little green paradise in the bathroom. All you need to do is choose flowers that are not too demanding. Read more

Cool cleaning summer tips

Cool cleaning summer tips by Nice and Clean LondonYou are out of cleaning ideas? Maybe you don’t know how to start, you feel confused and tired from the boring household tasks. You definitely need something fresh and new to motivate you?

Well, then this article is just for you. Read it and have fun, here you will find some of the coolest, most fresh and refreshing ideas for home cleaning. They will bring back your cheerful mood and the smile on your face, once you try them: Read more

Best music to play while cleaning

Best music to play while cleaningI have heard somewhere that knitting calms down some people. To tell you the truth, I haven’t tried that mostly because I can’t knit. What about the house cleaning? Does it calm nerves as well? I hardly think so.

I really don’t like cleaning and especially dislike the dusting. It’s awful and boring. If you agree with me and have the same feelings towards dusting and cleaning altogether, just read the next rows.

As I already said, I dislike cleaning. It was surprising to find out, though, that there are some songs that go very well with the different cleaning tasks. Read more

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