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7 Extra Special Cleaning Hacks You Should Not Miss In Your Housekeeping Job!

7 cleaning tips and tricks you must knowHousekeeping job is a harsh job and if you are not harmed with the techniques and methods that will simplify it, you might never succeed to live in a healthy and neat domestic space. Thankfully, we are here to give you some really cool pieces of advice that will reduce your sanitising time and will get the best purity results ever! Read more

All about mopping your floor

All yoy have to know about moppingMaybe you see mopping as a boring daily occurrence. But if you want to be an effective mopper, we have prepared something for you: Read more

Cleaning hints for beginners

How to clean it -advicesHome cleaning is a necessity in  our daily routine. However, it does not really have to be a torture for us, right? If you are equipped with the right tools and liquids, you will have it all under control. In case you are a beginner, check out our hints: Read more

Smoking damages on a carpet and how to eliminate them

Smoking damages on a carpetThere are yet families and properties that allow smoking at home. This isn’t bad for people’s health only, but a huge risk for the entire interior. Particular damages are almost certain in case you smoke in a house or the apartment you live in. Mostly, the worst things that might happen are ugly and non-hygienic ash stains, as well as smoking smell, which is everything else, but not a pleasant aroma in the domestic living space. On the other side, the biggest threat for your home, if you smoke in it, is linked to your rugs. See how to eliminate all the smoking damages on a carpet and, though, consider quit smoking – at least at home – on the future, too: Read more

Housekeeping secrets straight from chambermaids of best hotels in the world

Housekeeping tips from chambermaidsThe world most expensive hotels hire the most reputable and hard-working chambermaids. This is a strong logic you cannot deny. What you cannot also deny is that your personal desire to have a brilliant and pure home environment that looks just the way a 4-star hotel room likes. If you want to make the first steps, here are some exclusive tips from the best luxurious hotel maids in the world. If you think they involve extra costly detergents to achieve the perfect hygiene, you are wrong. Sometimes, the most genius solutions are actually simple: Read more

Pretreatment of stubborn stains – an essential part of carpet cleaning

Pretreatment of stubborn stainsCarpets are in every home, no matter if it’s big or small. These contemporary rugs contribute for the comfort and the snugness of the domestic area. Like every single element of the home decor, carpets must be appropriately maintained. Today housekeepers have different options, starting from the most superficial methods such as hoovering and ending with professional services. Clearly, the most gorgeous results are achieved by the providers of reliable carpet sanitising. They apply proven techniques and high-quality detergents. Read more

Speed-clean your big bookcase

Clean your bookcaseIs there a way to clean and remove all the clutter and dust on your bookcase…in 15 minutes or less? Yes, definitely yes! Time is valuable, we know it. That’s why we recommend you to save some and try out what we have prepared for you. You will need: an old sheet, an apron with pockets, a Swiffer duster (with an extendable handle), silica-gel packets, a hair dryer, an Alvin dry-cleaning pad, a step stool and an extension cord. Here are the steps for you to follow:

Read more

Let’s polish silver at home – brilliant ideas!

Polishing silver at home - brilliant ideasIt may sound as a truly scary and risky task, but polishing silver is actually truly easy! All you need is to know the right technique and the most appropriate approach into your personal silver belonging refreshment. We would like to stop your panic, when it comes to silver washing! That is why we give you a couple of brilliant ideas that will end your silver polishing delay! So – let’s polish the silver at home in no time! Read more

Cheating in cleaning is not a sin!

Cheating in cleaningDear busy ladies and independent single women, this article is made just for you! We understand your worries about having no time for all the tasks in life.

We also appreciate your personal life and we think you deserve it as much as any other person does. In order to show our empathy, we have gathered for you a pack of working, effective, time-saving and easy tricks! Read more

Common spring cleaning myths – debunked!

Spring cleaning mythsMany of you have a strict organisation for domestic household maintenance. It is normal, when somebody learns something to continue using and doing it without even asking yourself if it is right or not.

Others are too trustful and when they hear something, they believe it at once! Read more

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