Carpet cleaning mistakes – Part 1

Carpet cleaning mistakesCleaning at home is a part of your life at home! Whether you do it constantly and diligently by making some daily cleaning chores or by following a cleaning scheme on a weekly basis, sanitising is mandatory! Preserving home hygiene and providing a healthy living environment for the entire family is your duty! There is actually no way for you to escape and to avoid it, because it concerns you and your health, too!

Carpet cleaning, for example, comes as a very serious and substantial episode in domestic cleaning and deep house disinfection. Being placed over the floor area and being made by tiny fibres, a carpet creates a lovely breeding area for all the bad things you are fighting with in home cleaning procedures – bacteria, dust mites, home bugs, dirtiness and the annoying dust, which is impossible to be removed forever!

In case you do the carpet cleaning at home by your own and you do avoid the toxic cleaning products, which are used by the professional cleaning services, you should know some important cleaning facts! See the most typical carpet cleaning mistakes and try to avoid them from now on:

  • Don’t overestimate yourself – sometimes, carpet cleaning is unrealizable cleaning chore you should give up from! Stubborn stains, for example, should be better cleaned and removed by professionals! You may vigorously scrub the carpet stains, but eventually you may destroy your carpet!

  • Choosing the wrong carpet cleaning solution – to avoid this mistake, you should get informed in advance! We recommend you to ask the manufacturer what kind of cleansers is better for your personal carpet! There is no such a thing as universal carpet cleanser! On the contrary – every carpet differs with its material, size, origin and colour scheme! These are the factors that should form your carpet cleaning detergent selection!

  • Postponing the carpet cleaning chore – waiting for the carpet to become too dirty is a huge mistake you shouldn’t do! As a matter of fact, this is a general mistake in home cleaning at all! Avoid such a foolish housekeeper’s behaviour and do your domestic cleaning chores in time! Plus – when it comes to carpet cleaning, the delay may be even fatal! Some fabrics should be frequently sanitised and disinfected! Otherwise, when it is too late, they will become useless for your home interior design!

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