Carpet cleaning mistakes – Part 2

Carpet cleaning mistakes - Part 2Let’s continue with the typical carpet cleaning mistakes! Unfortunately, this subject is too huge, so you should better keep informing yourself about the things you shouldn’t do or cause to your carpets at home! As you know, sometimes, the worst case is a better example! Concentrate now and read the next noisome and catastrophic mistakes in carpet sanitising! If you need to, write them down and never think about doing them anymore. Get ready for carpet cleaning mistakes – part 2:

  • Skipping the testing part! This is a huge mistake, because it’s usually applied on new carpets! When you get a new carpet, don’t start maintaining it without testing the carpet cleaning solution you used to use till now! The carpet is new and maybe the new one won’t bear the old detergent! Test your vacuum-cleaner and steam machine on the carpet, too! Then – you can easily proceed with the procedure!

  • Forgetting about the research – by research we mean the project for your future carpet cleaning! Always ask your manufacturer about the best solution. Always bear in mind what is the type of your rug – natural or manufactured, delicate or a common rug!

  • Excessive disinfecting – this is not good for a carpet, either! The point is that too often maintaining of the carpet hygiene will lead to fast carpet death! The frequent and hard treatment will eventually spoil the awesome look of your brand new rug! It could be better, if you make a scheme – once a year professional carpet cleaning, once a month some deep carpet sanitising and daily hoovering!

  • Closing your eyes for stains – when you make a stain, get rid of it immediately! Most of the carpet stains should be removed right away! If you don’t do it, the carpet stain may never disappear from your sight!

  • Too much detergent – applying a big amount of soapy cleanser or toxic ingredients will ruin your carpet, too! Follow the instructions on the label of the product and don’t go too far! The effect won’t be better!

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