Can you move out without breaking up?

Can you move out without breaking upThe dilemma about moving in together is similar to whether we can back up a little while actually living together. The thrill of having to share the every day, every second with your beloved one can be a little frightening. Is stepping backwards a good or bad idea and can it affect the relationship. There is no single answer to that complex question. However there are few options.

  • Moving out equals breaking up. The very reason for the move-out step in this case will be total diversity of habits and unwillingness to make any compromise or efforts towards changing that. Should you came down to this turn in your relationship, the outcome will most probably be separation. If small house chores such as end of lease cleaning for example brings out the worst in you both than it is better to step away.

  • Moving out while taking a break. This commonly used term usually turns out into a permanent breakup. However, dating can still be an option and you better go for it. Maybe you have not got to the point where you know the other person so well as to move in initially. The best solution in this case will be to keep dating and frequently spend a few days in a row in each other places.

  • Moving out and managing a relationship. This is frankly said the toughest thing to do. It is similar to long distance relationship issue with common for both types problems and oncoming decisions. Whether the move out is done in the middle of a shared life or maintaining that level from the very beginning it is hard. There is no simple outcome or there will never be one. Nevertheless, in this situation even simple things such as  cleaning carpets after a party bring extra joy of each other’s company.

Relationships in general are complex and full of numerous emotions. There is no template for them and this is what makes them different and unique. Ups and downs are common and even necessary to keep the “fire” burning.

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