Business etiquette – 7 rules for being a perfect employee

Business meeting etiquetteNowadays, there is a kind of tendency at the workplace – colleagues become your friends, you get used to the daily presence of your boss. And after all, your behavior at work isn’t so different than the one in your personal life.

Of course, it’s not bad to get along well with people. But there is still something, called business etiquette. Don’t forget it! Good manners in business communication improve your image and “open doors” to success. This is highly important for some situations – like a business meeting or a presentation. So you must make a good impression!

Yet – what are the main rules of modern business etiquette?

  • Greetings – In the morning, greet all colleagues you meet. Your mood doesn’t matter. You have to say hello to everyone – from people dealing with regular office cleaning… to the Executive Director. Do the same when you leave from work. At a business meeting polite greetings and lines like “thank you”, “it’s nice to meet you”, “I am glad that…”, are more than required;

  • Handshake –Start and finish each business meeting with a confident handshake. That shows respect and responsibility;

  • Telephone conversations – When you call somebody, greet and search by name the person you want to speak with. Introduce yourself and ask if it is convenient to talk at the exact moment. At the end of the conversation say “Goodbye” or “Have a nice day”. When talking on the phone, speak clearly, slowly and without any extra and unnecessary information. In any case, don’t interrupt your interlocutor;

  • Business correspondence – When you send a letter, it must have a specific recipient. Don’t send it to the entire department! If possible, try to avoid mails, addressed to many people, as much as it is comfortable. If you are facing serious negotiations or you want to make a suggestion, invite the person to a meeting and then discuss what’s going on. So you have a much greater chance to convince the other side to your point of view;

  • Talk to all attendees – When you make a presentation, business etiquette requires you to speak to everyone at the same time. This includes looking at all the people while talking and not to start any personal dialogues;

  • The Titles – Check beforehand whether the person you are meeting is a “Professor”, “Associate Professor”, “Assistant”, “Doctor”, if he/she has a scientific title. Or understand what his/her position in the company is;

  • Don’t speak too much – In Japanese culture superfluous talking is a sign of stupidity. So concentrate on the purpose of the appointment (or the presentation). Leave the jokes for the end.

Thanks to the good business etiquette you are being considered as more representative. It has been proven that such employees are being preferred for more responsible tasks. They earn a promotion faster and easier. That’s why it is high time for you to begin to stick to the etiquette as much as possible. Don’t you think so?

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