Best music to play while cleaning

Best music to play while cleaningI have heard somewhere that knitting calms down some people. To tell you the truth, I haven’t tried that mostly because I can’t knit. What about the house cleaning? Does it calm nerves as well? I hardly think so.

I really don’t like cleaning and especially dislike the dusting. It’s awful and boring. If you agree with me and have the same feelings towards dusting and cleaning altogether, just read the next rows.

As I already said, I dislike cleaning. It was surprising to find out, though, that there are some songs that go very well with the different cleaning tasks. And much more surprising was to find out that it is not so hard a task to clean when listen to the appropriate song. There are songs that can really make you like hovering such as “I Want To Break Free” of Queen. It really makes you do the hovering with pleasure and a smile.

Another thing I really do not like is windows cleaning. Well, just play Jennifer Lopez “If You Had My Love” and windows will have your love forever.

Let’s go back to the dusting. Everyone knows that it should be done carefully and thoroughly, so to have good result, things should be moved and the surfaces should be wiped down under and behind. Foreigner and ‘I Wanna Know What Love Is” can really help you do the dusting with no effort and even with pleasure.

I’m on my way of finding out which song goes well with bathroom and kitchen cleaning and if you have some suggestions, please share so to make each others` life easier.

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