Best Christmas movies for your family

Best Christmas moviesChristmas – this is the most magical time of the year. When the winter is already here, the best decision for you is to stay at home. Good company, a warm drink and a nice movie – this is a true winter holiday, isn’t it?

We have selected for you some of the best Christmas movies ever made. Here they are:

christmas-movies“Elf”, 2003 – When you’re a human being in the kingdom of the elves, you have a little problem with growth. That’s why you have to go looking for your true roots far from the North Pole. In the main roles of this fantasy comedy are Will Ferrell and James Caan;

christmas-movies“Trading Places”, 1983 – You will see Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd in a great comedy, whose action takes place at Christmas time. One bet, one exchange and lots of laughter;

christmas-movies“Love Actually”, 2003 – There is no list of Christmas movies, which does not include “Love Actually. Even just the names of the actors are sufficient to describe the movie: Liam Neeson, Keira Knightley, Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Billy Bob Thornton. And the Rowan Atkinson who manages to make his presence memorable only for a few minutes;

christmas-movies“Batman Returns”, 1992 – The history of this Batman is happening at Christmas. Catwoman, the Penguin, and Snow Princess – that means a different Christmas story. Enjoy with Michael Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer, Danny DeVito;

christmas-movies“Bad Santa”, 2003 – Santa Claus is no longer good or nice and has no intention to change. Billy Bob Thornton is a different Santa;

christmas-movies“Scrooged”, 1988 – This is the modern version of “Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens.  The role of Ebenezer Scrooge is played by Bill Murray. It’s a story about Christmas, selfishness and the spirits;

christmas-movies“Home Alone”, 1990 – One of the most famous Christmas movies, and one of those that depict thieves-idiots very well;

christmas-movies“Jingle All The Way”, 1996 – The businessman Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is firmly committed to his job and has almost no time for his wife, Liz (Rita Wilson) and his little son Jimmy (Jack Lloyd). After once again failed to fulfill one of his promises to Jimmy, Howard decides to make amends by buying the most desired toy for Christmas – Turbo. And then the problems began;

christmas-movies“Blackadder’s Christmas Carol”, 1988 – Well, Rowan Atkinson again and again. “Blackadder’s Christmas Carol” is a part of the series of Blackadder, which means lots of great humour and superb acting. We will only add that if you want to watch more of Rowan Atkinson, it is worth to check “The Christmas adventures of Mr. Bean”, too.

Staying at home doesn’t mean only doing your chores and preparing for the holiday – cooking, thorough sanitising – like carpet cleaning and etc. The Christmas atmosphere itself raises the mood and gets the family together – what is better than this? We wish you great moments with these fun and emotional film productions, suitable for all ages!

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