Baby on the way – get the room prepared

Baby on the wayFor every parents, the baby is the king or queen at home! As such – the baby deserves the best room, the best decoration, the best care possible.

Everyone wants to make the baby’s room cosy, here are some ideas:

First of all, you need to choose the colour for the nursery. Do not tend to choose the most popular colours as – blue for a boy, pink for a girl. There are so many other convenient colours – such as light purple, aquamarine, light red, etc. If you want to combine wallpapers, make sure they look good together and make the room bright and cheerful. Some parents even choose to leave the baby’s room white and decorate it with funny stickers, paintings, even the letters of the name of the little baby.

Choose the main idea in the decoration – for a boy a suitable theme would be ships, football, super heroes; for girls – fairy tales, unicorns, flowers, castles, etc. Universal themes can be jungle animals, nature, stars – cosmos, etc.

Do not put as much furniture in the room as possible – make it simple. Once the baby grows older, it will need to have enough space to play in the room. Choose a good mattress and make sure that there is no distance between the mattress and the wall.

Choose a functional bed. Make sure that it has enough drawers to put diapers and baby wipes in. A lot of shops now offer baby beds that can turn into a bed for a bigger child, too. This saves a good amount of money.

Make the room comfortable for you too! Get yourself a good rocking chair that you can sit on while you are breast feeding the baby.

Make the room interesting – put some stars on the ceiling, hang a origami bird on the lamp, decorate the room with pictures of you and the baby, etc.

And last but not least – make sure that every single item you put in the room is safe for the baby to touch and play with!

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