Autumn colour combinations for the interior

Autumn colour combinations for the interiorThe typical autumn colours are soothing and nice. That is why they are the ideal choice for your home interior. See which colour combinations are most suitable for that time of the year:

  • Brown and yellow – there is hardly another colour combination that reminds so much of the autumn landscape. The combination of brown and yellow calms down and at the same time ‘charges’ you with positive energy. In addition, depending on the nuances of the two colours, you can use the combination during the whole year;

  • Green and brown – that is another suitable option for an autumn change of the interior. Both colours create a sense of connection with nature and are appropriate for any decoration styles. What is more, the combination between green and brown is suitable for each room, including your workspace. Organising and office cleaning are essential, but don’t underestimate the colours you have chosen for that place. They also influence your concentration and productivity;

  • Red shades – scarlet, claret, brick-coloured – regardless of what nuance you pick, the red colour is the universal solution for all seasons. In addition to the autumn, it fits greatly the freshness of spring, the marine theme of summer and the white-red winter wonderland. Be careful not to overdo it because the red colour has a strong impact on the subconscious;

  • Peach and grey – if you like the modern interior styles, then you should furnish your house in a minimalist or Scandinavian style. Select the highlights in peach and grey colours. Peach is ‘upgraded’ version of orange, which is often associated with autumn. And grey colour, whether dark or light may turn into a kind of highlight. And why not place a fluffy grey rug in your living room, for instance? In case its regular sanitising bothers you, don’t worry – the local carpet cleaners will be your helpers;

  • Metallic colours such as bronze, copper, and golden are also suitable for autumn decor. Naturally, you can’t paint the walls in similar shades, but you can use the colours in the interior. They fit better the classic styles such as Renaissance or Baroque.

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