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Common spring cleaning myths – debunked!

Spring cleaning mythsMany of you have a strict organisation for domestic household maintenance. It is normal, when somebody learns something to continue using and doing it without even asking yourself if it is right or not.

Others are too trustful and when they hear something, they believe it at once! Read more

Christmas spirit is here!

Merry ChristmasAre you awake already? Or you’re still sleepy eyed after this amazing holly night! Time to get up from bed and welcome the most sincere holiday in the year!

Christmas is here! We hope you are in a wonderful mood and the Christmas fairy tale has started for you and for your beloved family. It is time to show them love and we also send our love to all of you and all of your kids and relatives. It is time to be good, kind and sincere, because it is time for Christmas spirit. Let your most intimate thoughts come out and let your feelings touch someone’s soul! Read more

Coffee traditions around the world

Coffee traditions around the worldCoffee is one of those delightful drinks, which are popular all around the world. It is hard to find a place on the Earth where they don’t offer coffee. And actually nowadays most people have a habit of starting the day with it.

From simple Italian espresso to the traditional Turkey coffee in a pot, see how the world “likes” coffee Read more

Things to do today in London – 19th of November 2013

Today in LondonThe weekend is not so near, but who says fun and entertainment are allowed in weekends and days-off only? In case you have some free time or you need some night out today – on 19th of November 2013 – there are lots of amazing offers and events here in London.

The UK capital almost never sleeps and in the evening it is busy enough to get you busy in the awesome night life. Read more

Halloween 2013 – frightening and fascinating

Happy HalloweenHello, dear readers! How did you sleep last night? Hope you succeeded to get some rest, because today no sleeping is expected and maybe, you will not be even able to relax! Are you confused already? Well, turn around and check out the calendar.

Do you see that today is actually the day – the most exciting and scaring day in October! Halloween! Although, it is a holiday, Halloween isn’t only about celebrating, having a great table full of tasty food and having fun! Read more

Simple tips for mites removal

Bed mites cleaningDust mites are the worst enemies in your bedroom cleaning at home. They are also known as bed mites, because their favourite place to live and spread in is the bed! The most revolting part here is that they hide deeply in the mattresses and sometimes people can’t even see them! Read more

Lint roller – why to use and how to make it

Lint RollerThe lint roller is a simple, but magical tool for domestic use! Known also as lint remover, the appliance is easy to be used and amazing in the harsh fight with the least dirtiness and bacteria at home. It quickly deals with all types of hairs – including pet hairs – and other small fibers, dust and remains. Read more

Appropriate activities for pregnant women

 Appropriate activities for pregnant womenThere is still a walking legend that pregnant women should only eat and rest. Although, the contemporary ladies and self-confident moms from 21st century are completely aware that this is not exactly true.

Active live during pregnancy is a good thing, when it is balanced with the suitable nutrition and combined with the needed inside calm spirit. Read more

Newest trends in carpeting

Newest trends in carpeting Practical, comfortable and original – these are still the main features among the newest trends in carpeting. The hottest models and designs for floor covering are focused on the bold ideas for creativeness and artistic home view.

As you know, as any décor and as any piece of furniture, carpet can quickly and dramatically change the interior design of a room. Read more

Waiting for a baby requires one – off cleaning

Waiting for a babyWaiting for a baby is the most exciting moment in mother’s life. Anxious parents make a serious preparation for the “big moment”. Baby clothes, food, cot and many other things – these goods are prepared during the whole period of pregnancy. Giving a birth is big responsibility and it requires giving your baby the perfect living conditions. Read more

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