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Greenwich Music Time – the best finish of the summer in London!

Greenwich Music Time – the best finish of the summer in LondonFinish your exciting summer vacation or spice up the days after your holiday out of London with more music, lots of fun and unforgettable experience at the Greenwich Music Time! The end of August in Greenwich will be nothing else, but music and fun till the sun comes up! Come to celebrate the open air fest with friends and have a wonderful time with the special program of the Greenwich Music Time! See more details about it now: Read more

Extra bonuses for living in a small living area

Living in a small living areaBuying an own property for settling down today is really harsh. On the other side, rental prices have become extremely expensive, too. In both cases – the compromise of getting smaller house or an apartment is a must. You will have to arrange your home place finely, though, to live in convenient conditions and to provide your family the necessary facilities. Well, with small houses and apartments this task may sound difficult, but it is not impossible. Besides, there are some extra bonuses for living in a small living area, too. See them right now and inspire to be happy with what you have – even if it is little: Read more

Guide for renting with cats

Renting with catsAre you a super cat lover? Isn’t your entire Pinterest profile full of sweet and funny kitties? Well, this kind of a hobby might become a huge problem for you, when it comes to renting a house or flat for living? Wondering why? Simply, the landlords aren’t the biggest fans of cats. They do not post cats on their Facebook walls, because, usually, these creatures aren’t the best friends of their rented properties. However, do not worry. There is a chance for you and your lovely kitty to hire a super nice and spacious house or a modern apartment, though. See our special guide for renting with cat – or even few cats! Read more

Your lovely kitchen pantry needs some maintenance, too!

Kitchen pantry maintenanceEntering a stylish and polished to brilliance kitchen makes a really nice impression. Everything seems in a great order and there is no single stain on the surfaces. Even the floors shine bright like a diamond and it feels like no one cooks here. Though, you observe a carefully prepared dinner with healthy products on a table that will be soon quickly cleared up. All of this sound like a dream and probably it is. We believe that even this kitchen might suffer from some dirty problem. What about the pantry? We are used to keep there everything and we are not used to cleanse it all. However, your lovely kitchen pantry needs some maintenance, too: Read more

Thrifty tenants save money on energy bills

Tenants save money on energyWho says that living on rent is trouble-free and happy-go-lucky? If you are a tenant, you will definitely agree with that. Rents are expensive nowadays, plus you must pay all your bills too. If your salary disappears only in a few days and you’re constantly facing financial issues, don’t despair. Maybe you will appreciate some saving tips. Read more

Easter outdoors celebration – good tips you can use!

Tips for Easter outdoor celebrationEaster is right just the corner and you must have been recently wondering how to make this year’s holiday a bit more original and exciting than the previous time.

Well, let us give you one good, easy and budget-friendly idea that your entire family probably will like – Easter celebration at the outdoors. In case you have no idea how to throw a party in the patio or how to transfer the Easter traditions outwards, here are our good tips you can use: Read more

Fast tricks and safe approach into cleaning the patio

Cleaning the patioGiving your outdoor area a quick, but effective cleanup is essential and recommended. Leaving your patio in a total mess in the expense of the perfect hygiene inside the house is neither optimal, nor wise!

As you know the beauty and the perfection usually depend on the least details. Read more

Part Time jobs for students in London

Part Time jobs for studentsEducation and occupation are the basis for a good and stylish life. Finding a job is a leading force not only for graduated people, but for all those students who need extra income during their education.

In the contemporary world we live in, there is a free movement of people and capital.To work or study abroad is a part of every modern person’s life. Young people from all over the world are attracted by the idea of ​​graduating their education in a large and developed country. Read more

Beyonce hits London in the end of February

Beyonce hits LondonAll the single ladies and not only them may hold their breath, because their favorite R&B queen is back in London! We do not need to call on males for this music event, because even though being happily married to the gangsta rapper Jay Z, Beyonce is still in men’s hearts with her fabulous appearance and appetite detachment! The stylish and gorgeous pop singer hits London in the end of February!

Do not miss this unforgettable show for anything in life. No worries – tickets are still available and the program takes part in a whole week! An entire week with Queen B – amazing, isn’t it? Read more

Which home items make people happy?

Nice home - happy familySome people believe that overconsumption is detrimental and too material to find happiness with it. Of course, cluttering your domestic area with dozens of unnecessary and unneeded things isn’t very reasonable and economical.

Though, there are still things among the living environment people should have and really want to have. Read more

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